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Feel special Tumblr!! I haven’t uploaded these particular images anywhere else yet, you get first look!! <3

Photography/Retouch: Aaron Bennett Photography
Model/MUA/Styling: Miss.Deadly.Red
Lingerie: Playful Promises
Necklace: JewelVenom
Lipstick/Foundation/Eyeliner: Besame Cosmetics

*Please do NOT remove credits** 

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Anonymous asked: I would kill to have your figure! It's perfect. Do you have a diet plan you stick to? Do you work out? If so give me all your secrets to keep such an amazing figure!<3

i have the pizza diet!! i literally have the worst diet!! i need to start being healthier with what i eat because it makes me feel super groggy, but i would say if you want a body like mine order yourself a dominos ;) xxx

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Anonymous asked: How come there are no pics of your tattoos?

no particular reason, i just haven’t, tattoos for me are to make me happy, didn’t really think about posting them, but once my back tattoo is finished ill post some pics of them <3

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sexeauquebec asked: I know exactly what you mean. Even though I have no idea about your circumstances, I've been blindsided twice in six months. Once it was really my fault, I admit, and I had it coming... but the other time I did everything right, and things still went wrong when I least expected it. If you feel like unloading, I'm all ears.

life has just a funny way of kicking you down when you least expect it! just have to always learn to pick yourself up, and remember the people that are most important to you, because i’ve found that all my friends have just been looking after me and it really makes me feel blessed