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claireizard asked: yes i have a question. i have it on record here that one of your best friends loves and misses you. there was no question there i was just stating a fact. i had a fact.

As one of your best friends and part if your limbs I will state that I love you and miss you very much and I demand that Israel be re-located to England :) xxxxx

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cherrysodapop asked: You have excellent eyebrow game

Best compliment a girl can receive ;)

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callibretto asked: You do absolutely incredible work! Have you ever done any photo shoots here in the United States?

Thankyou so much, i haven’t actually shot in the US yet, but i hope to make a trip there sometime soon as i have so many photographers i would adore to work with :) 

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dual-winchesters asked: So I love makeup and experimenting with it but I always get to frustrated with foundation! Even when I buy the lightest shade its too dark(if only just). Do you have any reccomendations? :)

Aawwhh i’ve had that problem many times! I have found three foundations that although they are still a tad too dark they blend well and look natural, 
~Maxfactor Lasting performance (fair 100) 
~L’oreal 24 hr (i think thats also called fair but anyway its the slightest) 
~Besame (Harder to get hold of but goes on like a dream :) (bisque) 

Hope this helps :) 

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Anonymous asked: Do you feel sexy when you're taking your more risqué pics? Or is it quite awakward? :s

I feel like a completely different person when i model in general, so i don’t look at it as ‘I’ have to be sexy for this shot, i always think MissDeadlyRed needs to get an awesome shot, so i shall try my best and i don’t think, when i over analyse thats when i start to look like a dork ;) 

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Photography/Retouch: Aaron Bennett PhotographyModel/MUA/Styling: Miss.Deadly.RedDress: Lady V LondonSun Glasses/pearl bracelet/Fur Stole: VintageAtPatriciaLipstick/Foundation/Eyeliner: Besame Cosmetics


Photography/Retouch: Aaron Bennett Photography
Model/MUA/Styling: Miss.Deadly.Red
Dress: Lady V London
Sun Glasses/pearl bracelet/Fur Stole: VintageAtPatricia
Lipstick/Foundation/Eyeliner: Besame Cosmetics